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As early as in 1650 the oldest, as far as we know, ancestor and patriach of the Sabathi family, Jerg (Georg) Sabathi, already stood in the tradition of wine growing. Until 1914 at the Pilchenhof estate and until 1938 at the Knappenhof estate in Sernau, generations of Sabathi family members run a winery and engaged in vine nursing and mixed farming. In 1938 grandfather Johann Sabathi sold the real estate Knappenhof and acquired, together with his wife Ludmilla, today´s parent house of the Erwin Sabathi family. Even at that time he cloned the optimal parts of his 50 years old Sauvignon vines. It was Johann Sabathi who recognized the potential of the site Pössnitzberg in the fifties and acquired the first core of this precious vineyard. In 1968 senior and father Erwin Sabathi took over the responsibility for the winery and it is exactly from that year on that his Pössnitzberg vintages mature in the cellar. He successively enlarged and developed the family estate by acquiring or leasing new vineyard areas and cloning the precious DNA of his Sauvignon vines.
The grand innovation began in 1992 when Erwin Sabathi jun. took over the paternal estate. One of his path-breaking ideas was the decision to build a new cellar vis-à-vis the paternal house. In 2004 the first vintage was vinificated in the new cellar. As building owner he was awarded with the Viktor Geramb Medal for Excellent Construction in Styria. Today Erwin is the sole owner of the family winery but forms a strong team with his younger brothers Gerd and Christoph so that all key positions of this traditional winery could be filled with family members. All decisions in vineyards and cellar are taken independently. Despite up-to-date technology a sustainable management of the extremely steep vineyards requires an enormous amount of manual work. From 2016 on the winery is in the process of changing to a biologically certified estate. The Falstaff magazine elected Erwin Sabathi as ‘Winemaker of the Year 2016’ – undoubtedly the highest distinction a wine grower can reach in the Austrian wine scene.